The AIS System

Iodine is one of the world’s strongest disinfectants. Together with the brilliant AIS® technology, it delivers safe and powerful water sanitation, with a large range of applications and environmental benefits across multiple industries.
AIS®’s technology accurately measures and delivers very low dosages of iodine to achieve superior pathogen kill rates. Additionally, being recyclable, AIS® provides cost-effective, environmentally responsible disease control.
Fruit & vegetables

The AIS® system is the most technologically advanced post-harvest treatment system in the world, with many of Australia’s leading pack-houses acclaiming it to be superior to any other. Iodine and the AIS® system combine the strongest disinfection with digital accuracy and ppm control; delivering both the highest quality produce and a longer shelf life for you and your customers.

Automated and selfregulating, AIS® maintains its target dosing levels at all times irrespective of water quality. It requires no chemical mixing, pH monitoring or acid dosing.
Also, virtually all spent iodine can be recaptured for environmentally friendly discharge or recycling.
Highly effective on bacteria and fungi in tests conducted by leading research laboratories in Australia and the United States, the AIS® system is now being used by major fruit and vegetable growers and processors around Australia. Growers and processors who have installed AIS® systems report reduced product breakdown, increased shelf life, reduced OH&S issues and significant savings in time, effort and money, and on the environment.
Hydroponics and nurseries

‘Best New Product’ at the Australian Hydroponic and Greenhouse Industry Conference in 2005 and proven in Australian hydroponic, nursery and greenhouse operations, the AIS® system is superior to any other product. Providing the strongest disinfection and powerful biocidal action, the AIS® system delivers accuracy, accountability and disease control at the touch of a button.

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Risk minimisation
Fully automated, AIS® delivers disease control throughout your nursery by providing pathogen-free water and, optionally, a residual of iodine to your crop. Its excellent disease and pathogen control throughout the facility reduces the need for costly fungicide treatments and minimises crop losses. It is 100% effective over a broad pH range, does not react with nutrients and is one of the best treatments
for root and foliage diseases such as pythium, phytophthora, fusarium, botrytis and mildew in treatment water.
Recycle and save
Using surface irrigation and recycled water, it is imperative for pathogens to be totally eliminated. As water quality changes daily and seasonally, disinfection methods must be reactive and dose accurately; irrespective of organic load. The AIS® system constantly measures the actual iodine level in your water (in-line or tanks) and maintains its target set-point at all times, without affecting your nutrients.

AIS®'s computer controlled accuracy eliminates the guesswork associated with basic dosing systems. Realtime monitoring continually compensates for changes in water demand and quality. The iodine is provided in safe, sealed canisters, eliminating chemical mixing.

Poultry drinking water
Maintaining a constant residual of iodine at the drinkers may reduce disease transmission, improve gut-health and reduce mortality levels. Combined with its palatability at these accurately controlled low levels, birds are drinking more and the system is helping to achieve improved feed conversion; delivering a competitive advantage.
Egg production
Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) approval for the use of iodine in egg sanitation.
Dairy and livestock

The AIS® system can be used for a variety of automated applications, which will consistently help to reduce cell counts and mastitis. Uses also include yard-washes, pre-milking udder sprays, cup rinsing and pre and post milking line and vat washing.
Automated and accurate to 30ppm, the systems are suitable for tank dosing or in-line applications and offer a cheaper more automated and accurate alternative to iodophor based products.

Commercial water treatment
Environmentally clean removal of bacteria facilitating water reuse provides recycling and minimisation of waste discharge for commercial operators.
Industry must maximise recycling and reduce waste disposal at the same time as reducing bacterial levels and addressing OH&S issues.
Cooling towers
Accurate, automatic and controlled bacteria reduction is fundamental to effective cooling tower operations. Reduction in corrosion is now also a strong economic driver.
Pharmaceutical and pure water manufacturing
AIS® technology can deliver extremely high pathogen, viral and fungal kill rates in water at the same time as effective removal of all biocide by-products for critical manufacturing operations utilising pure water.
Swimming pools and spas
The automatic self adjustment to increases in organic load provide benefits to swimming pool and spa industries where rapid increases in organic load often create challenges for effective disinfection.
Hospitals and health establishments
Control of bacteria levels in hospitals and health establishments is critical. Aged care establishments also often require additional critical food disinfection at point of use.
Airborne disinfection
This technology can be used within airflow environments in which there is a need to ensure that airborne micro organisms have been destroyed.
Effective disinfection of fish eggs, larvae and tank water is critical for aquaculture production.
Equine swimming pools
Treatment of equine swimming pools for pathogen control may be further enhanced by the medicinal qualities of iodine for cuts, abrasions and infection control. Furthermore, the gentle nature of iodine is a better alternative to oxidants such as chlorine, which may contribute to the dulling of a horse’s coat.
Meat processing
Due to iodine's strong pathogen kill rates, opportunities exist to either replace or supplement existing meat processing sanitation systems.